Saturday, March 07, 2009

Guardian special on How to Understand People

Very interestng Guardian/Observer guide- How to  Understand People out today.

Highlights include
Can you decode these emotions?
Test created by Paul Eckman  - part of emotional intelligence
Personality test
Test created by Daniel Nettle -are you neurotic, or an extravert?
What is your personality type?
Take the Myers-Brigg test
Find a therapy that suits your needs
Different types of therapy explained
Recommended resources
Books and organisations

On a personal note, it was gratifying to see Wise Therapy recommended
This is what The Guardian said about Wise Therapy

Wise Therapy: Tim LeBon(Sage, £18.99)

A practical guide to using philosophy as therapy. LeBon encourages counsellors and psychotherapy practitioners to use philosophy with their patients to help them make better decisions.


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