Monday, August 07, 2006

Practical Philosophy in London 2007 (City Lit)

I now have the dates for the Practical Philosophy course at the City Lit
They are on Monday evenings, 1940-2140
The first class in 23rd April, the last 9th July. There are no classes on the weeks of Bank Holidays
This is a very popular course, so please enrol early

There is also a one-day Philosophical Life Coaching workshop on 3rd Feb 2007, 1030-1630

All classes are at Keeley St, London WC2b 4BA

To enrol, please contact the City Lit, not me
Phone 020 7492 2684

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Zen & the art of MotorCycle Maintenance Robert Pirsig Feature: Lila reissed

There's an interesting article in The Times today on Robert Pirsig. Lila - an inquiry into morals - has been reissued, so we can expect more such material.
To mark the occasion, I've created my own page on Pirsig and Zen and the Art of MotorCycle Maintenance