Thursday, September 05, 2013

part-time philsosophy course in cambridge

Its less than one week until the deadline for applications for our 2013/14 programme of part-time University courses in Philosophy here at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education (ICE).

The closing date for applications for our Certificate, and for the first intake of students onto our Advanced Diploma, is Monday 9 September. (There will be a second intake of students onto the Advanced Diploma in December.)

I hope the information below is of interest, and would be very grateful if you could circulate it to any of your members who may be considering part-time study.

Undergraduate Certificate in Philosophy (Oct 2013 – Jun 2014)

Do you enjoy thinking about the nature of reality, how we should treat one another, what we should believe in, what it is possible for us to know, what distinguishes the meaningful from the meaningless, or what it takes to be a person?

If so, then this part-time, one-year course may well be for you. No previous experience in the subject is necessary. The course will introduce some central topics in three areas: Metaphysics, Logic and the Philosophy of Language, and Ethics. As a student, you will develop your ability to think carefully and rigorously about the questions raised, and the answers which have been proposed.

The course is taught at first-year undergraduate level, and is equivalent to half a year of full-time study. Teaching consists of weekly evening classes (Mondays) at Madingley Hall, an historic 16th-century country house on the outskirts of Cambridge. The course fee is £1,500, payable in three instalments.

Visit to find out more and apply online.

Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Philosophy (Nov 2013 – Apr 2015)

The Advanced Diploma is taught part-time over two years, and allows you to pursue your own research project with individual guidance from a Cambridge supervisor. It provides an excellent foundation in research methods for anyone wishing to pursue further study, and is open to all who can demonstrate previous experience in Philosophy or a related discipline at an advanced level.

As part of the application process you will need to submit a research proposal. Is there a particular research question you have in mind? Is there a particular theory you want to explore? Or a particular philosopher whose views you especially want to examine? Do you have some initial ideas about what you can bring to the debate? What relevant existing work have you identified? To discuss your research topic with the Course Director, Dr Emily Caddick Bourne, before application, please email

The teaching format, requiring just seven visits to Cambridge over a two-year period, makes it accessible to students from across the UK and beyond. The course is taught and awarded at third-year undergraduate level and the fee is £2,200, payable in six instalments.

Visit to find out more and apply online.

Bursaries and student loans

As in previous years, we are offering a number of bursaries to self-financing students. Applicants who are new to higher education, new to ICE, or who are state-funded teachers will be eligible to apply for a bursary. Those who are studying for their first university qualification may also have access to part-time student loans.

Remember: the deadline for applications for the Certificate, and for the first intake of students onto the Advanced Diploma, is Monday9 September.