Sunday, September 27, 2009

New CBT For Therapists blog

I've just created a new blog called CBT for Therapists
If you are interested in CBT, either as a therapist or trainee, it might
be worth following it.
The first post is all about how to provide a rationale for CBT in the
first session with a new client and begins ...

Some clients (or patients) may come to CBT (cognitive behavioural
therapy) knowing exactly what CBT is and how it will benefit them.
However the majority probably won't - they may be ambivalent about the
therapy have a number of misconceptions about CBT.

If they understand the potential of CBT for them it will not only
increase their motivation but also give them a better opportunity to
engage fully in the collaborative CBT process. So it's a good idea to
provide a rationale for CBT, and explain how it works, early on in the
first session.

So how best to do this?

Here are some alternative ways to present CBT to the client in the first
1) Give a handout on CBT for the client to read after the session
2) Explain the CBT rationale in session using short case vignettes and a
3) Use similes and metaphors to tell the client what CBT is like.
4) Use a "naturally occuring moment" to link the client's own situation
to how CBT can help them.

Read more ...


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